Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Symposium Participant: Pete Scully

Hello, my name is Pete and I come from London. I live in California now, and am the Urban Sketchers correspondent for Davis. I've been in the US since late 2005, and work for a small department in a big university. I sketch whenever I have a moment, usually lunchtime. I mostly sketch in my watercolour moleskine and use mostly micron pigma pens and cotman watercolours. I am most interested in recording the world in which I live on a near-daily basis, to capture it while it's still there, because one day I might forget it.

manhattan bridge tottenham court road
I've never been to Portland but everyone says I will like it. I hear the local beers are good, and there are lots of places to buy zines. Point me in those two directions and I'll be fine.
E and 5th, Davis
I'm looking forward to the Symposium because I want to learn not only how, but why other people sketch. When you're out sketching a city it's a solitary experience where you often go where the wind or sunlight takes you, and it's a revelation to find that so many people do exactly the same thing, for mostly the same reasons. I am an urban rat, and I love cities, as characters with giant personalities and centuries of baggage; urban sketching allows me to examine my relationship with the city streets I love.
I have really enjoyed being part of Urban Sketchers, as well as taking part in the Worldwide Sketchcrawls, looking at and learning from everybody's work with all their various styles has been inspirational, and gives great impetus to keep going, try new things. I'm a little more confident now than I used to be, but you never stop learning. I believe drawing is all about lines and choices. I also believe it's incredibly personal.
sketchcrawl 23 pages 1 and 2
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  1. Hey, Pete. I've always been impressed with your sketches and your very, very neat sketch books. You may recall I chose your sketch of a cat on a windowsill in New York as my gift for making a donation to Urban Sketchers last winter. I've had a giclee made of it and will get around to framing it one of these days. See you in Portland!

  2. Little masterpieces, I admire them all, looking forward to saying hello in Portland.

  3. Cheers!! I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone in Portland!

  4. Hi Pete! You're right, beer & zines will be easy to find. I'm a local Portlander and share those interests - I'd be happy to lead a small after-hours expedition of any comics/zines fans to Floating World Comics and/or Reading Frenzy. There wouldn't be too much time before they both close at 7pm, but at least Floating World is a quick walk from PNCA.

    As for beer options - Bailey's Taproom downtown is a must, but don't go there hungry, they don't offer food. Another beer joint you should hit if you have time to go farther afield is Green Dragon, just a short walk from downtown over the Morrison Bridge - really great beer selection there, and no Portland visit is complete without walking across some bridges!

    Also, you do gorgeous work, I look forward to meeting you.


  5. hi pete- so glad you are coming - can't wait to meet you!

  6. Looking forward to meet you and to have a close look to your sketch books. The spreads re just amazing, see you soon.

  7. Cheers! Thanks for the tips Kalina, I do want to check those places out. I've read about Reading Frenzy, just wish it opened later! I got the Zinester's Guide to Portland which is an excellent book, I wish I were staying up there longer now. Thanks for the beer tips, I'm anticipating doing some in-pub sketching.

  8. Your work is SO engaging! Is there an official Pete Scully Fan Club yet? I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing your drawings live in Portland.

  9. Cool! You're the man on flickr with the incredibly precise UC Davis sketches. Will be fun to meet you in PDX. See you soon.

  10. great to see you there pete!

  11. Hola Pete, love how neat you keep your sketches. Love the double spread of small drawings.

    looking forward to meet you in Portland.