Saturday, June 26, 2010

Symposium Participant: Peggy

Hello! My name is Peggy Gloth. I was born and have mostly always lived in Seattle. My two children have grown and I’m a retired teacher. I love to sketch and finally have time to indulge. I am enjoying the introductions here and seeing the variety of work. I am happy to have discovered so many like-minded people in Urban Sketchers.

My husband and I love to travel and I began
sketching a few years ago as part of my travel journals.

I love to draw and I love watercolor. Sketching is the perfect combination for me. Whether I struggle with detail or draw a quick impression, I feel a sense of freedom.

Sketching helps me record what I see and my feelings at the moment. It greatly improves my connection to a place. When I am sketching,
I stop being an observer and instead become
part of a setting. What a great way to experience life!

I have nice brushes and plenty of paper at home. But when I am out, I prefer to keep it very simple. I use a “Multi-Drawing Book” available downstairs at the University of Washington Bookstore because it has a compact size but takes watercolor and ink very well. Lately, I have been using a fine line uni Pin (Mitsubishi) but I also like Micron. I use a water brush and my palette is a small, inexpensive, messy one from Daniel Smith which I fill from tubes. A pencil, eraser and a plastic bag to sit upon and I am all set.

Here are a few more of my recent pictures. You can see more on my travel blog: which includes my pictures from flickr.
Looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Peggy


  1. Hi Peggy, thanks for the photo with supplies, always fun to see. See you soon.

  2. I especially like your palms in front of the buildings sketch--I'd looked at it before you posted it here. It's wonderful to have a face associated with the sketch. And soon an in the flesh person.........

  3. Hi Peggy, I love the simplicity of your line and the air of calm that they reflect. Thanks for sharing your work!

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