Thursday, June 24, 2010

Symposium Participant: Lori

Drawing and painting should be fun!

I draw simply because...I enjoy spending time drawing.

I used to love drawing and painting as a kid, even taking a few formal classes, but then I drifted away from it as I got busy with school and sports. During architecture school, I was exposed to drawing and watercolor classes and they renewed my childhood interest. A study abroad program in Europe my junior year had sketching and painting requirements that included group sketching. What fun!

Today I am self-employed as a structural engineer and live on Camano Island in Washington State with my husband. A friend of mine (in Portland) and I have been exchanging weekly sketches with each other since earlier this spring. It has been a great way to stay motivated and find time to draw. We encouraged each other to sign up for the Symposium.

I sketch from any source available: direct observation, imagination, photos, television, books, web sites, you name it. I sketch on whatever is at hand (sheets of loose paper, sketchbooks, scrap papers, etc) using graphite pencils, pens, watercolor pencils, and watercolors. The important thing for me is to just keep sketching.

Recently I have joined the Seattle Urban Sketchers. The group is full of talented people who are very positive and encouraging. Through this group, I have met a couple of the Symposium instructors (Frank Ching and Gabi Campanario) and I cannot recommend them enough.

I am looking forward to the Symposium in Portland and meeting other people who enjoy spending time sketching.



  1. Hi Lori. We're practically neighbors. I'm just across the water on Whidbey. You're welcome to come sketch with our group any Wednesday afternoon. Really like you birch tree sketch. See you in Portland!

  2. Oh my gosh, Lori! You should kayak over and come sketch with your soul mates on Whidbey Island. And, visa versa. Can't wait to meet you in Portland. Camano is so close (& yet so far away). See you soon, fellow Island Countyer.

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