Friday, June 18, 2010

Symposium Participant: Susan K. Miller

Hi all,

I'll be taking the train down to Portland from Seattle, WA. I was delighted to get involved with UrbanSketchers last summer, after following a link from Gabi's "Seattle Sketcher" blog.

I've been sketching in a tiny 2" x 3" sketchbook on walks in Schmitz Preserve Park for years (and finally started posting those to a blog). It's 10 minutes from where I live, and has a great creek and the only old growth within the city limits.

For sketching farther from home, I often use a Pen Sketcher's sketchbook, as illustrated in Don's post. I had it today at Fishermen's Terminal...

... but prefer something smaller when Seattle weather drives me into a cafe instead.

Like Lisbeth, I love to sketch journal when I travel. Really looking forward to sketching with you all in a few weeks!



  1. Your watercolors in your sketch journal blog are wonderful.

  2. wow...I'm impressed! I love the fluidity of both the line and paint.

  3. Your Arizona sketches are right on!

  4. I love your blog(s). Your work is just breathtaking.

  5. Beautiful, Susan. Will be fun to meet you. I'm taking train back up to Seattle so we may be train sketching on way home!

  6. I really like the boat sketch and your nice straight lines!

    Nance McKinney

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