Saturday, July 31, 2010

Closing day

Morning panel with Kurt Hollomon, Tia and Isabel Fiadeiro.

Tia holds up one of the sketches she did the day before at Ira Keller fountain.

Frank Ching talks to one of the participants attending his Urban Architecture field sketching session.

Blog correspondent Laura Frankstone, of Chapel Hill, N.C., sketching amid people by Skidmore Fountain, which was bustling with visitors to the Saturday street market.

Todd Serrano, of Chicago.

Simo Capecchi and her field sketching group draw from a pedestrian bridge near Union Station.

Symposium participants got an early try of Legion Paper's new 7" x 7" Stonehenge wired journals, which go into sales in August. Thanks to Legion Paper for the support!

Participants displayed their custom edition Moleskines during the closing reception.


The class of 2010.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work posted here on the blog and flickr group!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Some scenes from day 2

The day kicked off with a panel where presenters described the sketching experience from the day before and answered questions from participants.

At PNCA's computer lab during Jason Das' presentation "From the sketchbook to the screen."

Blog correspondent Pete Scully (Davis, Calif.) sketches during one of the lectures.

Blog correspondent Shiho Nakaza (Los Angeles).

Blog correspondent Kumi Matsukawa (Tokyo).

PNCA's teacher and urban sketcher Kurt Hollomon talks about his sketching process.

See more Symposium sketches and photos at urbansketchers-pdx2010 on flickr.

Day 2 starts



Looking over the special edition Moleskines during breakfast. Wow!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ready, set... sketch! Some takes from day 1

A sketcher documents the arrival of participants.

Thanks to sponsorships by Moleskine, Canson, Faber-Castell, Art Media and Legion Paper, every participant received a bag full of sketching supplies. "It's like Christmas," said Frank Bettendorf, a participant coming from Mount Vernon, Washington.

Tia prepares her display of sketches.

Presenters gather at PNCA's Commons to discuss sketching locations.

Patrick Forster, PNCA's director of continuing education, welcomes everyone.

A mention at the Portland Tribune.

Lapin's talk drew a big crowd.

Blog correspondents Liz Steel, Gérard Michel and Jason Das.

Blog correspondent Gerard Michel.

Frank Ching talks to each of the participants taking his Urban Architecture class.

More sketchers at Skidmore fountain.

Liz Steel ran into the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams, and he autographed the sketch she did of him!

See more Symposium sketches and photos at urbansketchers-pdx2010 on flickr.

Powell's Urban People

Having fun at the symposium!
Robbie and I enjoyed sketching people at Powell's
with Veronica Lawlor and other symposium participants.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Live from Portland!





A few snapshots from PNCA's Commons this afternoon, where everything is ready for the Symposium to start at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

Flight Delayed..... until tomorrow!

Polly, I feel your pain!
I left early too to catch a plane from Boston to Detroit connecting to Portland.
1st sketch at the airport:

this became my last sketch at the airport...
Flights to Detroit were delayed/ Canceled due to bad weather.

The next sketch was my shuttle bus ride back to my house:

I had the flight re-booked for a 6AM flight tomorrow.
Hope I can make it to the afternoon symposium session on time.

Such a bummer....


Hello All!

I hope everyone is arriving safely in Portland! I left a bit early to catch my flight, and enjoyed some airport sketching... until my delayed flight to Salt Lake became my cancelled flight to Salt Lake! Can't believe it! But I am on a flight tomorrow morning. I hope to make it by the afternoon session - look forward to meeting up with everyone! Safe travels. -- Polly

Symposium Participant: Janene Walkky

Although urban sketching is very new to me, I have enjoyed drawing from a young age.  Graphite has been my medium of choice through the years, but I began to yearn for color and to be freed from the eraser so in the last year I launched into sketching directly with ink and using water colors.  I like this new phase of living dangerously!  I am hoping to improve my line quality and and the 'sketchiness' of my drawings, amongst many other things, during the symposium.

I am fortunate enough to live here in Portland, where I am surrounded by such abundant and varied natural beauty--mountains, seashore, desert, forest--all within a short distance.  If symposium attendees have the opportunity to travel in Oregon, I recommend the Columbia Gorge with it's many beautiful waterfalls, the coast, and Mount Hood and the rolling hills of our wine country.  Even if you stay in Portland, the city has many beautiful parks to visit and to sketch.  You probably already know about Portland's many coffee shops, excellent restaurants including food carts, and neighborhood shopping districts (NE Alberta Street and N Mississippi Street are my favorites).

I started my own landscape design business about ten years ago, partially because it would keep me drawing.  I do all of my drafting by hand, and illustrate my ideas for clients with sketches.  Having a job that keeps a pencil in my hand, and outdoors a lot, is the best!  Oh, I want to mention that I am part of the Portland Sketchers group that meets regularly to sketch around the city.

I hope you all enjoy your stay in Portland!

Symposium flickr group

We have created a dedicated flickr group for Symposium images. Please share photos and sketches so the rest of the world can attend vicariously through our shared experience!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleepless in Tucson

I am packed and ready to go to Portland in the morning, but alas I cannot sleep. I tossed and turned for an hour and then just got up and decided to do what else--draw. So here is my first sheep. I will draw them instead of counting.

However on a brighter note, I had not packed my tombow markers and decided to do so after adding the splash of color here. Just makes the bag a little heavier............

Portland T minus 12 hours and counting

Bags are packed, plane leaves tomorrow at 1:00 OKC time. Can't wait!!

Symposium Participant: Beth Larkin

I am traveling from Seattle to the dynamic, scenic, great food city of Portland. I am so looking forward to being there with so many talented artists. While I am a fledgling sketcher, I enjoy the process and the meditative experience. I am trained as a web designer and gravitated toward that field because I was a frustrated artist. I found that the computer allowed my talents as a colorist and designer to come to fruition. Now I'm returning to basics and despite major feelings of inadequacy, I am dedicated to work it through.......... tips and observations welcome.

I have been using watercolor and very fine point pens and re-learning about complimentary color. The most rewarding moments of my new found passion have been enjoying a contemplative vision of everyday life.

See you all in just a few days.............................