Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flight Delayed..... until tomorrow!

Polly, I feel your pain!
I left early too to catch a plane from Boston to Detroit connecting to Portland.
1st sketch at the airport:

this became my last sketch at the airport...
Flights to Detroit were delayed/ Canceled due to bad weather.

The next sketch was my shuttle bus ride back to my house:

I had the flight re-booked for a 6AM flight tomorrow.
Hope I can make it to the afternoon symposium session on time.

Such a bummer....



  1. bummer! we're going to be sketching late into the day so don't feel too bad about missing the morning, hope you have a good flight tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Gabi,
    I'm hoping I can make it out today!

  3. It's so tired when waiting for a delayed flight gmail sign up