Saturday, July 10, 2010

Symposium participant: Linda Daily

Hello fellow Urban Sketchers!

I am an eight year Portland resident, prior to that I lived in Seattle (6 years) and San Francisco (20 years). I guess you could say my husband and I like urban environments.

I have been painting in watercolor for many years and formerly taught classes at Portland Community College.

Urban sketching is something I have mostly done while traveling. I feel I really capture the moments and a sense of place when I sketch on location. Since I have found the wonderful Portland Sketchcrawlers group, I have enjoyed sketching in 'my own backyard'.

I have recently finished 14 WC illustrations for a European food importer, my first'commercial' commission.

Now I am ready for summer and outside sketching!

I am an art supply addict, our sons call me a 'journal junkie'! I am thrilled to know we will receive wonderful samples at the Symposium--what a lovely surprise.

I look forward to meeting the other participants and instructors and learning new skills.

I already met Todd from Chicago, a fellow participant, on a recent visit to the Windy City. I was drawing the Tribune Tower and he was sketching the Wrigley building. I guess it is really a small world when it comes to urban sketching!


  1. Great watercolor of the Chrysler Building! I visit NYC enough to immediately recognize it. Would love to see more! Do you have a flickr photostream?

  2. Thanks Marcia! I tried to add more images but I am a complete beginner at blogs,uploading images,etc.
    I will try again.Yes,there are a few images on my flickr.

  3. Hi Linda, loved your introduction and your sketches as well. I liked the detail of the street lamp at Grant St. a lot!... See you soon!