Monday, July 26, 2010

Symposium Participant: Jay Arrera

My name is Jay Arrera and I am coming to the Symposium from Eugene, Oregon.  I graduated with a BFA in Sculpture in 1997 and and MBA in 2003.  As I think every participant here can attest, life, work and family take a lot of my time.  And sculpture--particularly bronze sculpture is a very slow and time consuming process.  So, I have been using sketching to capture ideas and just to observe.   My motto is, "You haven't really seen something until you've drawn it."  Whether it is people or buildings I find that we so easily filter our visual senses that we take for granted everything that surrounds us.  I rarely have trouble finding something to draw.  My first decision is usually what not to draw.

My decision to join the Symposium was instantaneous.  I have been hosting SketchCrawls in Eugene, and attend life drawing and sculpting weekly.  The idea of being able to carve out time in my schedule just for drawing and learning was very exciting.

I was actually just interviewed by a local radio station, KLCC about my participation in the Symposium. It is really exciting to be able to join so many talented artists from all around the world.

Below are my sketching supplies.  I carry them with everywhere.  I've gotten some funny looks going through airport security with my tubes of paints, and I have to deal with the constant flak for my 'man purse', but I hate the feeling when I'm on a beautiful location with nothing to draw with.  You never know when you will have a spare moment, so I carry it with me always.  I was relieved to see that some of you other sketchers pack more than I do. :-)

You can check out more of my art on my website and my blog.


  1. great drawings Jay! Look forward to meeting you at the symposium.

  2. I like your description of your "man purse". I realized recently that the satchel that I carry my sketching supplies in is remarkably similar to the diaper bag I toted about 2 decades ago--both vehicles for nurturing what is most essential in my current life.

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