Sunday, July 18, 2010

Symposium participant: Laura Frankstone

A breathless hello in the middle of an eventful summer! I'm an Urban Sketchers correspondent from North Carolina. I'm so thrilled to be heading northwest in a few days to meet those of you I haven't met (which is everyone, actually, but Veronica and Donna) and to draw together and to be inspired and stimulated and refreshed. There are so many of you whom I feel I know already and whom I admire so much from seeing your work on Urban Sketchers, your own blogs, and elsewhere. I really can't wait for all of us to be in the same place at the same time!

A little background about me: I've always had one foot in the visual arts in my working life, whether it be helping organize and mount exhibits statewide from a state art collection, acting as curator for a university antiques and portrait collection, writing art criticism for a local newspaper, running my own small interior design business, or as an adjunct staff member of an event design company. A few years ago, I turned to pursuing my art career full time.

My sketching habits and sketching gear are as varied as my career. I'm always on the lookout for the new best way to make the lines, colors and shapes I want to make, It's a never-ending, exhilarating/frustrating process---one I'm sure most of you are familiar with!

My latest gear is pictured here. My most recent sketching gearI'm messing about with Kuretake water brush pens I fill with various acrylic inks to see what can happen with them. I alternately use Cretacolor oil pencils---they make nicely sensuous lines without a lot of smudging. The Schmincke travel paintbox you see here is the result of my trying to travel light(er.) I like sketchbooks that are not spiral-bound, since I always want the option to draw across a double-page spread. I'm especially fond of Maruman accordion sketchbooks, which I bought several of a couple of years ago---but, of course, I just learned they are now impossible to get. If anyone knows of a source for these, please do tell!
Here's a sketch made with ink-filled waterbrush pens and watercolor washes:Turkey,  Hagia Sophia alcove And here is one made with Cretacolor oil pencils and watercolor washes:Turkey, Ephesus

More of my work can be seen on my blog Laurelines.
See you all very soon!


  1. I'm very excited that you will be at the symposium! I was introduced to your work by Kris Wiltse before I even started sketching myself.I'm a big fan. See you soon!

  2. Fabulous sketches! I drool every time I see your work, Laura. These are so fresh and full of light. Great energy!

  3. really looking forward to meeting you Laura, so happy you're coming!

  4. Thanks, Sue, Kris, Gabi, and Don! I can't wait to meet all of you, too! Kris, I would love to draw with you----sure hope you can find a way to join in, even if briefly.

  5. Hi Laura, nice intro and of course, great sketches. Look forward to picking up where we left off in Disney last year!

  6. hi laura - can't wait to meet you!!

  7. Liz and Donna, thanks so much! We're going to have a wonderful time!

  8. I was in appearance at a symposium recently in which certain of the participants were wild horses.
    I found them to be quite eloquent and very well prepared. I have to admit, they didn't really make me care at the time, as they weren't ultimately terribly persuasive, but I think that under different circumstances, they easily could. I've always wanted to eat one full-length baguette imma do it!
    but what filling guys?
    I don't want just one flavor, I need my taste buds in paradise!

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