Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Symposium Participant: Pascale Steig

I'm Pascale, a self-taught artist with a (non-practicing) background in Graphic Design. I teach community Art classes for adults and children.

Sketching is second nature to me. Although I enjoy immersing myself in a crowd, I usually stand on the perimeter of the action, - a vicarious participant -, observing people, taking in what I see, and chronicling it in my sketchbook.

When I draw, I prefer the precision of ink pens. I never use pencils because they inevitably end up smudging the paper, greatly disturbing the perfectionist in me. My carry-everywhere supplies are simple: my small Bomo Art sketchbook from Budapest and a V-Ball pen (I know, I know, not waterproof...)

I look forward to attend the symposium and to meet other sketch artists. Although I was born and raised in Belgium (and speak French fluently), I've lived in Portland for many years; so, don't hesitate to ask me questions about the area.

You can view more of my artwork on my sketching, illustration and comics blogs, and if you want a laugh, visit my blog about trying to renovate an old farmhouse near Portland...

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  1. Painting is a about creative imagination and I love peace and tranquility.