Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drawing supplies

When it comes to drawing supplies for me, variety is the spice of life. I like to bring an assortment of supplies because I want to be able to respond graphically wherever I am. Above is a typical scene at my studio when I'm getting ready for a drawing trip. Pictured: my old Japanese box with assorted pens, a small pencil case with colored pencils, watercolor pans, pastels, grease crayons, a few fountain pens, brush pens and some graphite pencils. Regarding sketchbooks I am very fickle and will use one type for a long time until suddenly it doesn't feel right to me. Often I will clip lots of different kinds of paper to a board and this way I can switch it up on location.

I love to work with pen and ink, above are pictured several pens and my glass jar for ink. I like the glass jar as it's sturdier than the containers that most inks come in plus I enjoy hearing the pen tinkling against the glass! A variety of pen types is good - bamboo in different widths, brush pens and also pen holders with different kinds of nibs. At the far right is a little water pen I found, it's perfect for places where a jar of water might be too unwieldy.

Of course plastic bags to hold it all come in handy and I wonder how Monet got along without Ziploc! Good luck packing your supplies everyone and I look forward to meeting you in Portland. - Veronica Lawlor


  1. I am interested in how you use pen and ink on location. It seems difficult yet the result will be fascinating.

  2. Yep, less is NOT more in the case of supplies--my kind of woman. Loved seeing all of your stuff Ronnie and looking forward to watching you use it.

  3. Thanks for giving me "permission" by your example. I've been wondering how I was going to get my tools for Portland down to a watercolor paint set, a few brushes, a pen or two AND just one kind of paper. I keep coming back to those moments when something I've chosen to draw calls for pastel and the disappointment when I realize I'm without. I'm going to come with more rather than less, even if I need to hire a Sherpa.

    I'd be interested to know what size paper you work on and how you carry it when you're out sketching.

  4. Wow--what a amazing array of supplies! I hope to see some of your sketches in Portland.

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  6. I box by catagory and keep them in my kitchen where I work. I pull the boxes that I need for a project, reorg the cabinets so that I can easily put them away when I need the space.

    Once a year, I go through everything and toss things that I will never use or have gone bad. People give me their craft project supplies all the time. I politely thank them and toss or donate them. Most of my projects require very specific media. I keep what I need, and get rid of the rest. Think of your next 4 projects, organize accordingly, keep what you need and clear out the rest.

    There is nothing more inconvenient than finding the supplies you thought you had went bad. Show stopper! So, inventory, plan and make space to keep your flow going.

    Thank You

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