Use this page to leave a comment or question. You may also contact Symposium organizers directly at:

Gabriel Campanario
Urban Sketchers
Executive Director
gabicampanario at gmail dot com
or 425.686.2398

Patrick Forster
Pacific Northwest College of Art
Director of Continuing Education
pforster at pnca dot edu
or 503.821.8912


  1. Hi I am interested in the symposium, is there a limit on the availability of housing or are you limiting the number of participants. I will be making my own accommodations. Is there a syllabus available?

  2. Hi, I am interested in taking the perspective and line workshops. Is sign up for specific workshops avail?

  3. Got the email about signing up for the specific sessions and lectures, but I find it very hard to work out a schedule since you aren't able to print out the info in full! Is there a way you can post the info in a better format so a person can more easily print it all out? The scrolling boxes don't work!! Thanks

  4. Are there going to be any required supplies? It would be nice to start a discussion on materials. Assume this has to be either a spiral or bound sketchbook and not loose paper. Thanks.

  5. I'm sorry about the delayed reply.

    You all have already made your workshop choices so that's taken care of. I'll see what can be done to provide a printable schedule.
    Each participant should bring their own sketching supplies. There's not a required list.

  6. Hi,

    unfortunately I see the registration is full. However there are still green slots in the schedule. Does this mean that we can still apply? :D

    Also, can we register only for one day?

  7. Hi Constança, some people who have registered have not signed up for their sketching sessions, that's why there are a few green slots in the schedule.

    If you complete the registration process you'll be added to the wait list. Unfortunately, there's not a one-day registration option.

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