Sunday, July 4, 2010

Symposium Participant - Mike Daikubara

Hello everyone,

I thought I was coming from far (Boston), but I guess that's only in U.S terms - Such an international event!

I first started sketching about 10 years ago to help improve communicating ideas quickly in my Industrial Design day job but recently has turned into a hobby and almost a passion.
The following Issuu book captures my sketching journey:

Sketching gear:
I think as with most sketchers in this group, I've also gone through lots of carrying cases, sketchbooks and drawing utensils. The following set is what I've been carrying around recently (except for PenPen):

2 sketches from yesterday @ Provincetown (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)
Beautiful day - Got a little sunburned!

I'm really excited to visit Portland for the first time and to attend this symposium. I look forward to meeting everyone and hope I can learn the why's and how everyone sketches.

My Website (that I haven't done much with):


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your Issuu book! Well done, enjoy the Symposium.

  2. Wow, Mike. You are my new sketching idol. I love your technique and the way you mix pigment on the paper. I love the little narratives you include with the sketches. You clearly have a great sense of humor. And I love that you named your cat Pen Pen. Your Issuu book is a sketching course in itself. Thank you so much for sharing it. I plan to study it in more depth and share it with my sketching group.

  3. Fantastic sketches, and a very nice description of your gear. I look forward to meeting you in Portland!

  4. Your book was fantastic Mike! Love the sketches and Pen Pen and my cat must be related, for Sasha likes to play with my pens too. Always love to see what other creatives use for art materials. Will be great to meet you.

  5. Mark: Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the symposium!

    Sue: Thanks! I've never been idolized before so it's a strange feeling but a good feeling. I'm currently working on 3 more books related to sketching and one of them is on sketching tips and hints which I hope to share soon.

    Matthew: Thanks! I love my gear! I look forward to meeting you too.

    Donna: Thanks! Cats are great aren't they? I also can't get enough of seeing what others use for materials too. Looking forward to meeting you too.

  6. Mike, I'm looking forward to your next sketching books. I have tried and tried to embed your book in a blog entry to share with my group. I copy & paste the code, but always get this message from Blogger: "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: EMBED"

    I don't know html, so don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?

  7. Hi your work and am now very curious about your Issuu book but I can't access it at all and don't even get a picture. All the others come through. Help! It's frustrating hearing all these glowing comments on it when I can't see it. It may be that my computer is too old. Will be patient and hope to meet you and your books in a few weeks.

  8. Hi Sue,

    The trick to embedding the Issuu book in Blogger is to use the 'edit html' tab.

    Try these steps:

    1) Go to '' page and click on the 'embed' button at the top left.
    2) Copy all the text in the 'embed code' box
    3) Go to blogger and start creating content. When you reach an area where you would like to insert the book, switch to the 'edit html' tab by clicking on the tab button on the upper right corner and copy the text from step 2 into the content area.
    4) switch over to 'compose' tab to finish your blog.

    This should do it!

    Let me know if you still have trouble.


  9. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for finding interest in my sketches.

    I'm not sure what why you can't view Issuu.
    I checked on their website to see if there were any computer requirements and this is what I found:

    "I think you'd have to have a very old computer, or a really unstable web connection for Issuu not to work. We even run without Flash too (using our Paper viewer that will load in case of no Flash installed)."


    I'll look around for other ways of sharing the images.


  10. Yup, that's exactly what I've been doing, Mike. But I can't get any further than step 3. As soon as I copy the script, Blogger says "Post was not saved due to form errors" and "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: EMBED" However, in compose mode, the gray box with the arrow does appear. . .

    I guess I can provide a link instead if I have to.

  11. Gray box with the arrow appears? You seem to be so close. Can you hit the 'preview' on the upper right corner?

    Sorry Sue, I'm not sure what the problem is.


  12. Sue, try inserting a closing embed tag at the end of the string of html code. the tag should have this sequence of characters... "<" "/" "embed" ">" but without the quote marks, which i'm just adding so blogger doesn't think i'm actually trying to embed something into this comment

  13. great intro Mike! i'm looking forward to meeting you!

  14. Thanks Gabi, that did the trick! I guess I'll have to actually learn html one of these days.

  15. Thanks for the help Gabi, and looking forward to meeting you too!

  16. Mike, Your Issuu book is fantastic, and the description of your tools very instructive. Thanks for taking the time to share. Cool haversack too! See you at the symposium.

  17. Thanks Janene!
    Yes I love my Haversack :)

  18. Hola Mike, great to see your issuu sketchbook. Thanks for such a detailed introduction and presentation of your sketching tools. Great sketches as well.
    See you in Portland. ;-)

  19. wonderful issue book Mike - it was so interestig to follow your sketching journal and your subjects and styles of linework and colour. IF i ever get aroung to a blurb or issue book I will keep you blurb structure in mind. It had a nice narrative. Wish I was in Portland too - Liz (Borromini Bear) appears to be the Australian representative

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