Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Symposium Participant: Robin Carlson

Hi everybody, I'm Robin Carlson. I live in Oakland, California, where I am a manager of fisheries and stream restoration data projects. I was thrilled to hear about the Symposium, and signed up immediately. Urban sketching combines two of my favorite activities: exploring cities on foot and drawing. I'm really looking forward to learning more about the craft.

Of all art forms, I love sketchbooks the most: spontaneous, immediate, un-fussy, and personal. I enjoy them as a direct expression of the way we interact with the world on a day-to-day basis.

I draw primarily in pen (fine line, brush, and ballpoint) and often add colored marker or watercolor.

Less than a month to go! I'm so excited to meet everyone.


  1. Hi Robin! Enjoyed your intro and sketches. Thanks for sharing. I'm intrigued by the power line theme running through your sketches. See you in Portland!

    1. Sue Van Etten, You praised Robin Carlson so well that she deserves it, I think it would be less to be praised. Drawing sketches is a great and difficult task, like getting Infinite Color Panel Coupon Code and it has to be used.

  2. Great drawings! I look forward to being in Portland with you.

  3. Robin, I enjoyed reading your introduction and seeing your lovely sketches. I especially like the stairwell, but all are well done. See you at the symposium!

  4. Your sketches are really rich with contrast and patten. I love telephone poles and power lines.

  5. enjoyed your definition of a sketchbook, see you in Portland

  6. I loved the telephone poles and power lines too! See you at the symposium!

  7. Hi Robin, thanks for your intro. Enjoyed your sketches very much, specially the telephone poles one. See you in Portland.

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