Saturday, July 17, 2010

Portland's the magnet 7/17/10

Ink in Journal
Ink in Colorbok Journal

brush pen and ballpoint in ledgerbook

brush pen and white grease pecil on Utecht recycled paper

various ink in way old ledgerbook

Hello to all Portland bound urban sketcaholics, my name is Don Colley and I'm an artist residing in Chicago for the last 11 years. While I work in a lot of mediums, oil, gouache, acrylic, enamel, lithography, intaglio, woodblock, and paint on everything from cardoard to plexiglass to wood to velvet (yup, and I'm crushed that the Velveterium has fled Portland for LA), my biggest romance is with my sketchbooks. Long ago I dropped the noble pencil and picked up that modern stylus, the ballpoint pen. It's been over 35 years without regret. I didn't have any brand loyalty, tried 'em all. Never passed a pen, be it on the counter at a bank or on a weed stewn lot that I didn't test drive it on a page in a ever present sketch book. If it gave me a distinctive or juicey line, we left the premises together. Frendships were no barrier to the acquisition of a pen capable of a gorgeous flow. For me, it was all about the line and at that time nothing caught my eye quite like ink.
Since those early days I've experimented with all the modern developments of pens, ceramic ball, gel, rapidographs, brush pens, markers, and many of the traditional ink vehichles, various nibs, sumi brush, what have you. At about the same time that I was opening up to the world of ink; I started drawing in various ledgerbooks, new and old. Some of the ledgerbooks I'm most fond of were made over 70 years ago. Just something about the way they take ink. Possibly the sizing and gelatin.
As I am a committed urban dweller, I spend a tremendous amount of time crawling all over the city and time riding buses and trains during which I get in thousands of hours of drawing. Not one posessed of a great memory, my frienf the sketchbook has been my loyaly secretary and journalist for fleeting ideas and images.
So it with this passion for drawing out and about that I head to Portland to hang with and wonder at the hand craft of so many committed and talented sketch nuts. Can't wait.


  1. I really enjoyed your drawings and your writeup here, look forward to saying hello in Portland.

  2. Love your introduction and your drawings. I'm so pleased your headed in the same direction as me!

  3. Loved the sketch of the airplane seats, overlapping the lines from previous drawings, so lively.

    See you in Portland Don, looking forward to hang out with you :-)

  4. That was quite an intro Don, loved it. Great drawings--see you there!

  5. Your work is great! Look forward to meeting you

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