Saturday, July 3, 2010

Symposium Participant - Kumi Matsukawa

Hello, my name is Kumi Matsukawa and am a Tokyo correspondent.I'm coming to the Symposium from Japan. Nice to meet you all. I am a freelance illustrator, I mainly draw story boards for TV-CMs, and I have watercolor and pastel classes to teach near my place.
It was fifteen years ago when I visited the USA last time and just coming to Portland itself is such a thrill for me. Moreover I really look forward to meeting all the enthusiastic sketchers who participate as well as those who give lectures there.
It is amazing that after less than one year of joining Urban Sketchers, I 'll have such a opportunity to see so much influential people at a time.
I hope through the 3-day symposium I 'll learn like a sponge!

On top of waterbrushes and a portable watercolor box, I 'll carry a chocolate box full custom-made palette and some brushes.

My flickr site


  1. I love that palette - but where do you mix the colors? I'll just have to find out when we meet in Portland!! :D

  2. Hi Kumi,

    Looking forward to meet you in Portland!


  3. So looking forward to meeting you, Kumi! I'm a big fan of your work on flickr.

  4. I love your drawings! I'm excited that you'll be joining us!

  5. Hi Matthew, I attached a piece of paper palette inside the lid so I can mix colors on it :)

    Hi Veronica, so do I!

    Sue, thanks! See you soon.

    Marcia, thank you! Looking forward to seeing you.

  6. I will be great to meet you again kumi! I'm glad you could join.

  7. Looking forward to meet you Kumi. This is going to be a great multicultural sketching group. Love it! thanks for your intro. See you in Portland.

  8. Love the chocolate box/ palette - Nice Sketches !!!

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