Monday, June 21, 2010

Polly Hart: Symposium Participant

Hi. My name is Polly Hart. I am an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am looking forward to visiting Portland and participating in the Urban Sketchers Symposium. Links to my Website and Blog.

I love sketching – capturing quick vignettes of people interacting with one another and recording the ever-changing vista a landscape has to offer. I am looking forward to working on more architectural based drawings within the city.

I am excited to explore with other sketch artists, and learn how other artists use materials and the computer as a tool to enhance their drawings. Any other hikers or cyclists participating? I would love to get a hike or ride in during my visit.

I would like to take the opportunity to plug a great exhibit space in Cincinnati: Manifest Gallery “ A neighborhood gallery for the world” They are a not-for-profit gallery that has curated wonderful shows. Check out all the great opportunities they offer. I enjoy the Tuesday night figure drawing sessions at the Manifest studio space. Many of my figure sketches are posted on my site.

Look forward to meeting everyone in Portland.

– Polly


  1. looking forward to meeting you Polly, the Midwest is well represented :)

  2. Hi Polly,
    I just saw your landscape slideshow---beautiful and ethereal.


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