Friday, June 25, 2010

Ready, set, sketch, 34 days to the Symposium!

Hi sketchers,

It's great to see participants introductions coming in. We are looking forward to a great sketching experience in Portland and it's just a few weeks away, 34 days to be exact!

As you start packing for Portland or even if you're local, you may have all sorts of questions, so feel free to use this post for them by leaving a comment. Local participants may have just the right answer for some of them: tips about other Portland and Oregon attractions worth visiting, what things to bring, art exhibits at the local galleries and museums ... you name it.

Also, if you registered for the Symposium and have not submitted the sign-up form for the sketching sessions, please do so as soon as you can so we can update the schedule and plan accordingly. If you need a new email form, contact me and I'll see that you get a new one as soon as possible. Same with the invitation to the blog, let me know if you haven't received it.

Looking forward to more introductions and to meet you all in person in Portland!


  1. Hi Gabi,
    I am interest about the weather in Portland, I come from the heat of the Caribbean so I am not sure about temperature in Portland. Some coworkers from the area of Seattle tell me about bringing a light jacket for the nigh.
    Any suggestions?
    I am keeping track of the temperature online but it's not the same as "feeling" it, if you know what I mean.

    Orling Dominguez

  2. Hi Orling, I think bringing a light jacket for the evening is a good idea. Portland folks may better describe how temps feel, since I was there only once in July and temps went into the 30s but I was told it was not normal. According to Wikipedia average high for July in Portland is 79 Fahrenheit (26 Celsius) and average low is 56 F ( 13 Celsius ). It may not be a bad idea to bring some sun lotion too!

  3. Sounds great!!! better than in my hometown Santo Domingo where temperature can go higher than 80F in those day.

    Gracias Gabi,


  4. de nada Orling! looking forward to meeting you!

  5. I love "meeting" the participants now, great idea Gabi, thanks. Counting the days.

  6. Gabi, How many people are registered for the symposium? I've also been wondering whether it would be better to have a car or not have a car while in Portland. I've heard traffic/parking can be challenging... I think I will drive down, but could leave the car with someone just outside of town.

  7. hi Sue, for the purposes of the Symposium you won't need a car at all. I'm taking the train from Seattle in fact. The Portland train station is also within walking distance to the streetcar, which can take you pretty much within walking distance of everywhere dowtown. There's a streetcar stop a block from PNCA as well.

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