Saturday, June 26, 2010

Symposium Participant - Geoff Parker

Hello all - My name is Geoff Parker. I am an architect living in Oklahoma City, OK. I discovered Urban Sketchers about a year ago, needless to say, I was HOOKED. Finally, I found a group of people who love sketching as much as I do. As an architect I have always done a lot of sketching, but the experience of posting and browsing the USK Flickr page has encouraged me to step it up a notch. I have sketched more in the past year than any other time in my life. It has been wonderful. Not to mention the connections I have made with people from all over the planet. Where else could a guy from Oklahoma be able to have his sketches viewed and commented on by people in Spain, Germany and China? Not to mention my exposure to SOOOOO many incredibly talented and great people. So when I heard about the symposium this summer in Portland I had to find a way to go. I can't wait to go and meet so many of these great folks in person. Not to mention the exposure to world class teachers, field sketching sessions and lectures. It's a sketching nerds dream come true. Plus, it's been nearly 100 degrees every day here in OKC, and by the end of this month we will be hitting triple digits every day....some mild Pacific NW weather sounds REAL GOOD to me right now.

Here are a few of my sketches done over the last year.

Stage Center Theater - Oklahoma City, OK

Downtown Oklahoma City, OK

I have developed this strange obsession with Industrial, manufacturing and agricultural type facilities. Here are a few of my favorites....

Industrial Facility - Galveston, Texas

Martindale Feed Plant - Valley View, Texas

Hotel Skirvin - Downtown Oklahoma City, OK

Can't wait I have never been to Portland!!

Geoff (Sketchy-G)
For more of my sketching madness check out my blog or my Flickr Page.


  1. Hi Geoff: Some of your buildings look familiar as I grew up in Oklahoma City. Nicely done. See you soon.

  2. Great work, Geoff. I'm also drawn (no pun intended) to industrial scenes. I'm looking forward to meeting you

  3. Love your work, thanks for sharing it! See you in Portland.

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