Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Symposium Participant: Liz Steel

Hi Everyone,

I just have to do a quick post to say hi and let everyone know that I am coming to the Symposium all the way from Sydney!!! (If you don’t know me, I am the Sydney Correspondent and also known as Borromini Bear on flickr) I am very excited not only to be coming to the States (only been once before 10 years ago) but especially to have the chance to meet so many of my online sketching friends at the one time. Of course Borromini will be with me (hope it is ok for him to sneak into the Symposium!?)
100614 City Sketching 02Liz in Action

My visit to Portland is in the first fortnight of a huge 11 week sketching marathon around the world - (USA, UK and Italy plus lots of time in the air!)... So I currently have a lot of trip preparation to do and whenever I get a chance I am recording this process in sketches on my blog or flickr. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will get more of a chance to sketch as well as pack....or sketch as I pack. Crazy with sorting accommodation right at the moment!
Trip Prep 2010_03 Art Supplies 01
Ok... Now for my important question for the locals- where is the best tearoom in Portland. I am talking premium grade loose leaf tea, served in china cup and saucers!


  1. Hi Liz, it will be pleasure to meet you for real looking forward o sketch with ll of you

  2. Hi Liz, great that you are coming. I am a big fan of your work, can't wait to meet you in person.

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  4. There's a tea room in the Chinese Garden. You have to pay admission to get into the garden, but it's quite lovely in there anyway and worth the ticket!

    Your trip sounds amazing & I'm glad you'll be starting it off in Portland.

  5. Liz,
    So looking forward to meeting you as I have loved your work on Urban Sketchers!
    As to tea in a proper china cup--good luck!
    This is a coffee town and while many java joints also have great loose teas,it will be served in a mug.I am half Brit with a vast collection of china cups--you are welcome to have proper tea and sketch at my place! I make a mean scone too!

  6. Hi Liz,
    Looking forward to meeting you. I'm a fan of your work, as well.

    The Pacific NW is coffee country but we also drink tea. My favorite Tea House is "The Tao of Tea"

    It may not be what you're looking for though. It's more of an Hippie kind of place than China cup and saucer. Portland is generally a pretty informal town. You might want to check out this blog about Tea in Portland:


  7. Liz, I'm sure you'll love Portland....and I too look forward to meeting you! I'd second the Chinese not only has a great tea house, but is a wonderful garden for sketching.
    ( along with our equally famous Japanese Garden)

    As a member of the Oregon Winegrowers Assoc., I'd also be glad to introduce you to some of our local vineyards and wineries which lie right outside of the city. Hope you can stay a few extra days beyond the Symposium to take it all in! ( we have extra beds for any takers)

  8. Hi liz,
    yeah, I would suggest TAo of Tea. Stash Tea is also located just outside of Portland (in Tigard).

  9. thanks everyone!!! I will look up those links. I know it is a tall order to expect to get a 'proper' cup of tea in the States... but I am prepared to be surprised!

  10. Hi Liz. All of the suggestions above are really good but if you are looking for a proper 'English Tea' you will have to go to the Heathman Hotel. They offer an Afternoon Tea that is a special outing in itself.
    And...if you want someone to join you there I will always be available for tea!

  11. Safe travels and can't wait to meet you! Have been following and enjoying Borromini Bear on flickr for some time. See you soon here in the Pacific NW.

  12. hi Liz, look forward to meeting you in Portland! That sounds like quite the huge trip, I'm very envious. Best wishes, pete

  13. wow! 11 weeks! is there some place for a small "lapin" to travel with borromini?

  14. Hi Liz, amazing summer plans, glad you are starting it all in Portland so we get a chance to meet you and follow up with Borromini.
    Have a save trip...!!!


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