Friday, August 6, 2010

What a fruitful trip!

What a fruitful trip! I am back in the tiny sunny island of Singapore. I am so honoured to have such a rare opportunity to meet so many talented and wonderful international participants at the Symposium in Portland. I am already looking forward to the next one in Lisbon.

My sketches of Portland are on three different types of format. One is the regular moleskine (A6 size), the other one is the special USK moleskine (A5 size). Finally the long watercolour format (400x200mm). Here are the three watercolour sketches on the long format I did on each different day plus some photos taken at the Symposium.

More sketches and photos at my flickr.

100731_Simon Benson House
Day 3 at Portland Farmers Market I did the Simon Benson House, Urban Colour group

100730_Ire Keller Fountain
Day 2 at Ire Keller Fountain, Urban Nature group

100729_Cargo Store
Day 1 at Cargo Store near PNCA, Urban Colour group

Day 1 to 3 on USK moleskine

P1010280 P1010149 P1010140
P1010282 P1010272


  1. Awesome work, Tia! Such a privilege to have worked with you. I had so much fun. Tell Paul I said "Hi." See you in Lisbon!

  2. Tia, it was so great to meet you and experience the high octane energy, that comes through in your work, in person.

  3. Wonderful work, TIa and so good I was able to watch you work and see those for real

  4. It was so nice meeting you and see your works at first hand. I was happy to see you in action, that was just a little moment and I had to go back to my drawing, but I saw real energy and joy in your sketch.

  5. Love these sketches, Tia. Very energetic and capturing the atmosphere of the northwest really well (I lived there for 6 years so I can feel your colors and your way of applying is right on).
    Can Indonesia's Sketchers invite you to Jakarta to share and sketch together with us? :)

  6. Sure. Anytime DonaldSketchArt. Nice to know we are quite close - Jakarta and Singapore.