Saturday, August 7, 2010

Has It Been A Week Already?

I finally had time to scan all of my sketches today - it took almost 2.5 hours!

It was so nice meeting all of you - I had the greatest time getting to know all of you, sketching with you and seeing your sketches. I'm glad that everyone else on here is posting the same types of things that I would say about the experience if I could find the words to describe it.

I don't know if I can make it to Lisbon next year, but I'll see you on Flickr, and look forward to continue seeing all of your sketches on this blog and on Urban Sketchers. I'll be starting a sketch group here in Memphis soon, and I'm also posting more from Portland on my blog.

Urban People with Veronica Lawlor

Urban Color with Tia Boon Sim

Urban Line with Lapin

Urban Architecture with Matt Brehm

Urban Nature with Matt Brehm

Urban Composition with Veronica Lawlor


  1. I feel the same way. A week has passed. And I still be there in my dream.
    Nice meeting you Elizabeth, I especially like the bottom one a lot.

  2. I enjoyed meeting you in Portland! It's great that you're starting a sketching group in Memphis. I like how you handle the darks and lights in your sketches - the watercolor of guy in the blanket is my favorite.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, so nice to meet you and the fact that you are from Memphis makes it very special. Nice sketches. One thing you might want to try to speed up the process is to photograph your sketches. When I have a lot, that is what I do instead of scanning. Quicker to load photos for me.

  4. Thanks all for share with us your work at Portland. We wait for you all next year here in Lisbon.

  5. Thanks everybody! I'll keep you posted on the Memphis group.

    Donna - it's too dark to photograph in my house and too hot outside! Should've taken photos of them outside in that lovely Portland weather :)

  6. Elizabeth - it was a pleasure to meet you and do a little sketching together. I especially like the Firestone sketch!

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