Saturday, August 14, 2010

Learning takes time

Attending the 1st Intl Urban Sketchers Symposium was a wonderful experience. Many times, what I learn at a workshop takes awhile to work its way into my right brain. I think that Frank Ching, Tia and Jason Das are in this sketch with me.I heard Frank telling me to show the viewer where I am drawing from (hopefully you see that I must be across the street). Jason is in there in my trees and and other flora, looking for those shapes and Tia is there because I did not color this all between the lines. All of this is definite progress for me. Thanks people!


  1. I love the "Tia" coloring system you used, gotta learn this, this is a great drawing.

  2. I really like this sketch, Donna! Brava!

  3. I guess we all share that feeling after the symposium. You find positive influence in your drawing. This is lovely!