Thursday, August 5, 2010

My results from Urban Color session

First of all, I thank to all of you who made this special event happen! Special thanks to Gabi. As Jason Das said in his interview with Gabi, there may be many sketchers in the world but without you, there wouldn't have been“ Urban Sketchers” nor wouldn't have had a chance to gather like this. Happy 1st Urban Sketching Symposium in Portland. Nice to meet you all in person!

Urban Color

experiment ( change fue)

In this session by Jason, we drew two same image but colored differently. That means I changed fue and I love the result.
The right image, I tried to capture the original color of the scene: a white car and green woods.
The left one I added a bit yellow on the car and made the woods look purple. I like the later more. Because it has much fresh
feel. This experiment tells me that sketching is not always copying the color we see or stick to the true color image but rather extract the ambience using your own palette. This idea made my following sketching easier.

collaboration (Jason's coloring on my line work)

This image, I drew lines and other person ( this time Jason) added color.( I also added color on his line work) This collaboration was also an eye opener. By doing this, I recognized my own tendency of coloring by comparing his way and how other person see and drew the same view differently. These are done at first day in the morning and this session excited me to become insomnia.


  1. These are great, Kumi. Interesting exercise. I'm sorry I didn't get to work with Jason.

  2. HI Bill, I like his way and would like to try same method sometime.

  3. Thanks so much for writing this up, Kumi. It was so wonderful to have you in this session!

    Hopefully I'll get around to posting my sketch you colored soon--it's a real beauty.

  4. Hi Jason, I enjoyed a lot in this session!
    Look forward to your posting :)

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