Monday, August 2, 2010

urban lines

On Friday morning, day two of the Symposium, sketching with Lapin's urban line group down by the Steel Bridge. Amazing work on display. I just noticed how this image kinda sorta resembles the urban sketchers logo!


  1. Pete, I'm SO glad I had the opportunity to meet you and see your incredible way of sketching! I look at a drawing I did of you with your pen in hand and am certain that people will think I got the anatomy of your hand all wrong--but, no, that's the way Pete's hand looks when he sketches ;D.
    I'm looking forward to the next big Urban Sketchers rendezvous!

  2. Pete, I love it! you and your imagination. Yes, it did look like USK logo...

  3. Pete, your work is even more amazing in person. I'm glad we got to sketch together over a beer.