Monday, August 2, 2010


So I am back home after the incredible time in Portland. What a great trip, so many great experiences and memories. I finally met so many of the people in person, whom I had corresponded with via Flickr and USK for the last year or so. Thanks sooooo much to Gabi and all of the people at PNCA and the other correspondents of USK who made this thing a reality.

Sketching Woodstock 2010 was a monster success!

Day one, Frank Ching offers advise

Liz Steel, Borromini and Gerard having some fun

Simo offers her thoughts on composition and Union Station

Closing reception and sketchbook display, WOW!

A few of my sketches I finally got scanned tonight.

Day one, with Frank Ching

Man that long Moleskine was fun to fill up!

What a fun time, what great memories. I hope I can afford to go to Lisbon next year. I'm saving my pennies starting yesterday!


  1. Loved your work! Your sketchbook was so fun to look at on the closing night! What an amazing experience!

  2. I think you should post your food cart sketch. I loved that one.

  3. Aw next year is going to be in Lisbon? D= It should be held in Portland again for 2nd time to give others a chance to attend..

  4. Hi Geoff, a pleasure to meet you (right at the end! thank god for those nametags) and to see your incredible work. Considering Lisbon too, you never know...

  5. I think nametags and maybe a big world map with labels who is in attendance and from where would be fun for the next symposium! I would love to go to LIsbon, too! already thinking about money in my savings account as earmarked for that!

  6. Lisbon - sign me up !!! I really wish that I had been in portland with you all

  7. Geoff, I also didn't meet you until the very end I'm sorry we didn't get to discuss drawing industrial sites. Next year there should be a sketch category of Urban Blight.

  8. Geoff,
    Can you send me your email address offline? Send it to Thanks.
    Frank Bettendorf

  9. Yes, we forgot about the name tag on day one but through sketches we seem to know each other. Love your spread in the long sketchbook on the last day, Geoff. Keep sketching and hope to see you next year!

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