Thursday, August 12, 2010

keep on sketching!

steel bridge, portland

Wow, time to start reporting about this amazing experience!

the sketching never stops

As I was on the plane back from Portland to Sacramento, my brain was racing around with thoughts and ideas, my pen busy scribbling them all down. What an exciting and inspiring time we all just had! The chance to meet and sketch with artists whose work I've followed and grown with these past few years, and to meet and learn from new artists I didn't know before, was unbelievable. I learned so much from Gerard, Gabi, Matthew, Frank, Tia, Lapin, Liz, Isabel, Simonetta, Jason, Shiho, Kumi, Suzanne, Don, all the Portland sketchers and so many others too numerous to name. My only regret is that I didn't get a chance to talk to absolutely everyone, because each person I met had an individual way of looking at the world and approach to pursuing their art that opened my already wide eyes up in a humbling way. If we didn't get a chance to meet or chat (or even if we did), feel free to get in touch for some urban sketching talk!

pdx10 day1

And Portland was a great city for this event - interesting to draw, not too big, and full of creative people. (And not too far for me to get to, either!) I think if I'd decided not to go, I would have really missed out. I tried some new things, and learned a great deal. I'm slowly adding blog posts about each stage of the Symposium at so pop by for a more detailed story. I'm about halfway through.

me, gabi and gerard

I'd like to thank the tireless Gabi Campanario for being the driving force behind all of this, and for bringing the urban sketching world together. I think this event has given those who participated so much additional creative energy, maybe that we never even knew we had. I for one want to go out now and get everyone sketching, even those that never draw, maybe hand out pens and pieces of paper to passers-by, show them that they can look at their towns and their cities and record them on paper in their own personal way, be it grand vistas or tall buildings, or people eating at cafes, or fire hydrants, poking out of the ground. Draw! Sketch! Paint! Everything is interesting if you take an interest in it.

a portland fire hydrant
So... the next one's in Lisbon?


  1. hey Pete, really enjoying your accounts of the Symposium in your blog and here, and thanks for the fire hydrant, it's awesome, i can now say i own an original Pete Scully!

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