Thursday, August 5, 2010

Words can't describe..

I'm having a very hard time trying to find words for what I saw, the people I've met, what I learned and experienced during my 3 days stay in Portland.

Everything was so new to me, all I'm thinking now was I wished there was more time to talk with everyone, attend all the presenter's lecture's/ class, and to be able to stay longer in beautiful Portland.

So in the mean time, here are some outcomes from Portland:

Mark Spencer Hotel drawing:

I had lots of comments on this drawing so I decided to post it. Measuring and drawing hotel rooms has become more of an obsession than anything. It's also a great way of remembering what tends to be forgotten the most about any trip.

Water Tank:

Frank Ching's class. Learned to incorporate areas in front of me and the subject (foreground), and I was very happy with the results. Also included Gabi's technique of adding street names.

Pioneer square:

Gabi's class. Learned to capture not only the 'subject' but the overall environment. I think the hardest part about this sketch was the sitting posture (Photo by Gabi)

Farmers market:

Tia's Class. 6 girls buying large bouquets of flowers! I had to capture the moment.

Union station:

Per listening to Gabi and Lapin's lecture's, I had the courage for the first time to ask a stranger if I could sketch them. I was surprised on how easy it was and how pleasant the reaction was.

Portland Airport Restaurant:

Last sketch in Portland. Sat at the bar and sketched. Before the symposium, I would have been discreet and be sketching in the corner of the restaurant. This time I had the courage to sketch in the open and had lots of restaurant workers comment on what I was doing and was even asked if they could frame it and display it in the restaurant.

Thank you for an amazing experience!
I'm very new to the online community so I plan on participating more via flickr and blogs and to be able to connect much more with everyone.



  1. I've been more public about sketching, as well, after a life-long habit of "sketching in the corner of the restaurant." SketchCrawls have been slowly bringing me out of the art closet but the symposium (and listening to Gabi) really cemented the deal.

    That Pioneer Courthouse Square scene is fantastic!


  2. Hey Mike, enjoyed meeting and drawing with you. Great drawings here. Hope you keep posting.

  3. Mike D! Great sketches. It was wonderful to meet you and I'm glad you've come front and center with your sketching. Sketchcrawls have definitely taught me that public sketching is mostly ignored, but when you are "caught" it's usually by someone with very encouraging words!

  4. I know.....somehow it feels as though the symposium was a kind of life changing event. Your sketches are wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  5. These are terrific works, Mike! And i like your hotel room drawing, too. Nice to meet you!

  6. Yes, fabulous work, Mike. We weren't in any of the same sessions, so I never got to meet you. But I did draw you!

  7. Mike, It was great meeting you. Your sketches are great. I love the idea of sketching your hotel room. Do you actually carry a tape measure to measure the room?

  8. I really like the sketch of the your room, and looking at your sketchbook. let's sketch in public, I want to see more of that!

  9. love these especially the one on the hotel room of course.

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