Sunday, August 22, 2010

Me, too, I've finally composed a blog post of my Symposium Experience

  You'll find my 2-part post on either my Painted Cats Blog or the Urban Sketchers Portland blog. This event was such a wonderful experience. I am STILL having dreams featuring random Urban Sketchers talking about sketching or actually sketching. I am also daydreaming about Portugal and how to make that happen, because I just CAN'T miss it!

  Instead of re-writing my posts that I have on the blogs mentioned above, i will make a list of some favorite Symposium moments or quotes:
  • "Woodstock of Sketching", Matthew Brehm
  • "I channeled my inner Andy Warhol", Linda Daily, during Jason Das' urban color session where we mixed it up!
  • Urban Sketchers taking over the street car (and seeing so many sketchers sketching on it!)
  • Day one, first lecture, looking next to me and seeing Suzanne sketching her food and realizing nearly everyone around me was sketching....My PEOPLE!
  • Introducing myself to Pete Scully, Gabi Campanario and Suzanne Cabrera, all people I followed online for a few years!
  • Meeting Lapin, who for some reason feels a bit like a rock star in the sketching world
  • Getting the goody bag full of supplies and just imagining all the sketches that would go in it to record  the experience!
  • Dinner with fellow sketchers, all sketching
  • Meeting lots of local folks who are now starting to come to our sketchcrawls!
  • Seeing all of the Portland Urban Sketchers have big smiles on their face throughout the event!
  • The Sketchbook Exhibit--what a wonderful way to wrap up the 3 day event.


  1. I saw your blog and you had bunch of really nice stuff there! Thanks for sharing these memories and quotes, they are elusive.

  2. This occasion was such a great ordeal. I am STILL having dreams highlighting arbitrary Urban Sketchers looking at portraying or really drawing. Essay Help I am likewise wandering off in fantasy land about Portugal and how to get that going,