Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Symposium flickr collection

Hi sketchers!

How's everybody doing? I'm still having post symposium blues. How about you?

My therapy so far has been to look at the work posted here and on the Symposium flickr group. Thanks for sharing!

We've also started an edited "collection" of Symposium images that we need your help with. You know, we are still learning how to organize events like this one and we were not able to secure a dedicated photographer or videographer for the Symposium, so any images or videos from the event you can share will help complete a photographic record of those wonderful and intense three days sketching together.

Send your photos to urbansketchers at gmail dot com and we'll see to add them to the collection and include your credit, linking to your blog or flickr account.

Thank you!

—gabi campanario


  1. Hi Gabi,
    I know that i've ahd the post symposium blues, as have some of my portland sketchers. Thanks for all your hard work in organizing things. I will eventually post my sketches,too.

  2. Gabi--The Portland sketchers missed the symposium so much we've already met twice--once to sketch and talk about the symposium and again to have dinner and share our experiences and sketches from the symposium. You created something that was huge and made a profound experience for a lot of us. Thank you so much! Come back and sketch with us any time.

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