Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Portland bridges

I've enjoyed Portland so much. The city and all the people I've met there. I'm with no scanner and slow connection here, but I upload my version of the famous bridges. It has been worthwhile drawing (and blogging) in the past few years if, like bridges, it connected me with so many interesting people, all around the world.
I was freezing when we where drawing on the pedestrian bridge on the station. Than I talked with Don and Linda about growing childs and brothers that fight too much, and I got some usefull advise. Amazing things pass trought drawings.
Few minutes before leaving, while Gabi was already worried, waiting for us in the train station, I lost myself in Powells bookshop and bought for 2 dollars this nostalgic souvenir of the city: 1952.
Thanks to everybody, it has been a great opportunity for me.


  1. Simo,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you.You gave me some good advice when I was feeling a little insecure about my sketching skills--to remember that journals are very private places, you do not always have to share them.I am glad you have shared yours though! Since the symposium I have been looking for an old book to paint in.
    Thanks for your lessons and inspiring lecture.

  2. i feel good now that i see you got a good vintage brochure about PDX bridges at Powell's while I worried about you guys missing the train. looks like a great keepsake!

  3. Love these beautifully sensitive drawings of the bridges Simo. So nice to meet you!

  4. it was nice meeting you, Simo and I was inspired by the story of your sketchbook projects. Sorry that I had no chance to sketch together or to sketch you. Hope to see you again.

  5. Simo, It was so special to get to meet you and sketch with you after following your blog for so long. disegno Felice.

  6. It was wonderful to meet you, Simo. I just wish I had been there to hear the advice about brothers who fight too much ...

  7. I really enjoyed your drawings. In my opinion, such a sketches are the best drawings. Every time I see them, I turn on my imagination and try to add something, imagine people aroung and feel the atmosphere. Also, when I have free time (that's when I'm free of writing for additional resources for students), I try to draw something on my own and master my skills. Thanks for inspiration!