Friday, August 20, 2010

Jason Das Finally Gets Around to Scanning Some of His Symposium Sketches

The Symposium was pure magic. Huge thanks to all involved. I'm planning to have a couple of more focused posts after this one, but here's everything that didn't fit into those.

I did a sketch on the plane on the way in. I was pretty sure everyone else would have a plane (or train) sketch and I didn't want to feel left out. I also figured it'd be smart to warm up a bit.
Delta 312, JFK -> PDX

Yes, plunged into sketching pretty much as soon as we hit town. Here's Gérard Michel and Pete Scully as we found them upon arrival, sketching away!
Gérard and Pete

A lot of the sketching I got down during the Symposium was snatched in odd, quick moments. I was so busy, I didn't find time for "proper" sketches. Here's three scattered quick views sharing a page.
Three Portland Views
(If you look closely, you'll spot Gérard on his little stool sketching this view of Jamison Park.)

Here's some more, even quicker ones of Union Station. Three minutes is plenty sometimes!
Union Station

Sue van Etten caught me running up the Union Station footbridge (all of my Union Station sketches are from up there)...moving fast so I can squeeze in a little time for sketching if I'm lucky.
See Jason run

My sketch for Gabi is from that staircase, too:
Thank you!

Below, another view from the Union Station footbridge, and below that, fellow instructors Frank Ching, Isabel Fiadeiro, and Gabi Campanario relaxing after another crazy day.
Crane and Café

Here's photos of that one happening, courtesy Pete and Gabi:
the sketching never stops

I led groups for the first three field sessions, so by the time Friday afternoon rolled around I was so relieved to not be on-duty that I splashed out to the middle of Ira's Fountain (perhaps my favorite place in all of Portland).
Ira's Fountain

Can you spot Suzanne Cabrera, Lapin, and Liz Steele in there? Here's a closer view of Lapin and Suzanne:
Sketchers at Ira's Fountain

And for more sketching the sketchers, here's Elizabeth and Carrie in Jamison Park on Saturday morning:
Urban Sketchers Elizabeth and Carrie

And finally (for this post), here's Lapin and Matt at dinner the final night. Lapin and I were sketching each other simultaneously. The original of this is rather huge, as I drew it right on the table cloth. (Here's his sketch of me.)
Lapin and Matt on a Table Cloth


  1. These are gorgeous! You made a lot beautiful ones even though you are so busy.

  2. You've captured so many wonderful recollections of the Symposium! Thank you! I like ALL of them--"proper" sketches and quickies. It's your astute observation that counts.

  3. Charming Jason, just as you were in your field sessions. Nice to have met you.

  4. Jason, you really captured the spirit of the days. I love your presentation here.

  5. great stuff jason!