Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Symposium Participant: Janene Walkky

Although urban sketching is very new to me, I have enjoyed drawing from a young age.  Graphite has been my medium of choice through the years, but I began to yearn for color and to be freed from the eraser so in the last year I launched into sketching directly with ink and using water colors.  I like this new phase of living dangerously!  I am hoping to improve my line quality and and the 'sketchiness' of my drawings, amongst many other things, during the symposium.

I am fortunate enough to live here in Portland, where I am surrounded by such abundant and varied natural beauty--mountains, seashore, desert, forest--all within a short distance.  If symposium attendees have the opportunity to travel in Oregon, I recommend the Columbia Gorge with it's many beautiful waterfalls, the coast, and Mount Hood and the rolling hills of our wine country.  Even if you stay in Portland, the city has many beautiful parks to visit and to sketch.  You probably already know about Portland's many coffee shops, excellent restaurants including food carts, and neighborhood shopping districts (NE Alberta Street and N Mississippi Street are my favorites).

I started my own landscape design business about ten years ago, partially because it would keep me drawing.  I do all of my drafting by hand, and illustrate my ideas for clients with sketches.  Having a job that keeps a pencil in my hand, and outdoors a lot, is the best!  Oh, I want to mention that I am part of the Portland Sketchers group that meets regularly to sketch around the city.

I hope you all enjoy your stay in Portland!