Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postcards from Portland

I once regarded sending postcards to friends and family while traveling a thankless chore. Then I started Urban Sketching! It may still be a chore, but it's far from thankless.

The main lesson I've learned since doing these two years ago is that it's better to use proper watercolor paper in postcard-form than attempt sketches on the slick, already-printed-on backs of commercial postcards.

pdx postcards 9 pdx postcards 3

There's no need to think up words, and even if you sketch the same thing for multiple people, each version will be unique.

pdx postcards 7

pdx postcards 5 pdx postcards 2

I promised you bridges, didn't I?

pdx postcards 1

pdx postcards 4 pdx postcards 8

pdx postcards 6

(I did quite a few more than these, but didn't have a chance to scan them all before they were mailed.)


  1. These are so fabulous. Did you want my address?

  2. I was just thinking how cool it would be to receive one of these in the mail!!! wonderful

  3. wonderful postcards and what a great introduction to Portland, love them.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Hope to see you all at the Symposium!