Friday, May 28, 2010

Canson to donate sketch and art pads

Hi sketchers. How're the preparations for Portland going? All signed-up and ready to go?

If that's the case, you may be starting to think about what sketching gear to bring. On Thursday, Symposium presenter Isabel Fiadeiro posted the first of a series of posts presenters will be doing about their own sketching tools. We hope those we'll give you some ideas.

But no matter what you decide to pack, we are thrilled to let you know that some sketching material will be waiting for you at PNCA.

Canson, the renowned paper company that has been producing the world's finest art papers from mills in France since 1557, will provide a set of sketch and artists pads to each participant, as well as a special edition sketchbook with a variety of papers.

The items Symposium participants will receive come from Canson’s new line of redesigned Art Pads. The art pads are for artists at all levels ranging from students to professionals. The line includes Artist Series, Foundation Series and XL® series which feature artist quality papers with innovative pad features.

We are really excited about this collaboration with Canson and hope it will continue to develop in the future as Urban Sketchers work to promote the art of on-location drawing and to connect with each other.

Follow Canson on Facebook at and on Twitter @cansonpaper.


  1. Yes, way to go Canson and Usk, everyone loves new sketchpads.

  2. Sweet!!! Always welcome new sketchpads! Thanks...

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  11. Will the next symposium taking place in 2022?
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