Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three months have past

The crisp autumn air these days reminds me of the fresh chilly morning in Portland, USA.
These are some sketches from the rest of sessions that I attended.

Urban Nature

construction site (urban nature)

In the session by Jason, we went to the union station and sketched some nature thing in the urban environment.
This is a construction site viewed from the footbridge. In the morning, the sky was covered with thick clouds but all were cleared in an hour from mountain side.

at the union station (urban nature)

These are garden trees near the station.

Urban Composition

at pioneer square -1
In the session by Gabi, we went to Pioneer Square and we sketched about what was going on at the site. This is a reportage: Urban Sketchers were everywhere in the square. In the foreground, middle ground and background there they were!

Urban People

at farmers market -4

at farmers market -5

In the session by Isabel, we went to Farmers Market and kept drawing people there. We even drew people in the streetcar on our way to get there.
People come and go, stay and move. What ever the situation was, I just focused on capturing their posture as much as I could. As to some figure, I just managed to draw head and some are upper half of their bodies. I didn't intend to finish or complete the figure. These are done on the large-size Japanese notebook includes an Urban Sketchers logo embossed on the cover: one of the generous souvenir from the symposium.

Urban Architecture

Urban Architecture (PNCA)

In the session by TIA, many of us drew the building of PNCA. TIA's instruction was concise. These lines go like this and the other side of lines go like this. ( She said something like that with gesture. Sorry, I don't remember exact phrase)
And here is the result.

Here again I would love to thank to all the people who made this happened. To your effort, friendship and blog on USK.


  1. it was great to meet you Kumi and to be able to see how you sketch and use color in such a beautiful way, the great thing about the symposium is that we all learned with each other.

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  2. It was great meeting you Isabel! That's true, we all learned from each other by sharing time together, seeing works and commenting.

  3. Wonderful memories Kumi, Yes, thanks to everyone organizers, presenters and participants, great friendship, great time.

  4. It was great meeting you Don and having you in my drawing is a real pleasure!

  5. your art is amazing and unique, I like this drawing.


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