Thursday, September 2, 2010

will's barber shop

will's cadillac
I arrived in portland the day before the symposium, and once out of the train, we went to china town with tia, her husband albert, liz and borromini. I wanted to warm up with an american classic car, and founded this cool cadillac. after a while sketching on the floor front of it, an old guy came out of the near barber shop. he was the proud owner of it. I asked to sketch him, and we talked a few.
will is 77 years old, a veteran of korean war and get a barber shop on 4th ave 11-1a.
visit him if your around there!
will the barber

blogged by lapin


  1. This is one of the special memories from Portland for you and so lovely!!

  2. Lapin, I like how you have the "portrait" of the car and its owner - they sort of look like each other. It's been nice meeting you and seeing you and your sketches in person!

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