Saturday, September 4, 2010

Memphis Urban Sketchers

I was so inspired by the experience of sketching with a group while at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Portland that I came home and started a group in Memphis. Today was our first group sketch at the Memphis Farmers Market.

Here's my sketch. I didn't get a lot of sketching done because I was busy socializing.

This is Sujata's sketch and gear. She just moved to Memphis from India four months ago, so this group will give her a great way to get to know the city.

This is Chandler's sketch. She teaches art at University of Memphis and makes little postcard-sized watercolors that she sells on Etsy.

Such a treat for me - my nephews and nieces came, too, and made some great sketches. This is my oldest niece, Somerset.

I am so excited about having a group here and being able to share the experience of urban sketching with my fellow Memphians. Thanks so much to all of you for inspiring me!


  1. Oh, Elizabeth! This is SO cool! Congratulations!Does your group have a blog?

  2. Yay, Elizabeth!!! congrats on starting a group! Portland met today, too. I was so happy that 12 people came out! We've definitely seen an explosion in interest since the symposium!

  3. Congratulations Elizabeth!!!! Drawing outdoors with a group is a great experience. Here in Dominican Republic we are going to have our 3rd drawing marathon on sept 12, so little by little more people are getting together to sketch and have fun and a formal group is already formed.
    And yes, in the first one is hard to sit down to sketch 'cause you are socializing, same happened to me, but hopefully by the 2nd or 3rd gathering everybody will know each other and you'll be able to do your art :-)

    congrats!!!!! Go Memphis!!!

  4. Good for you Elizabeth. I will enjoy seeing my hometown again thru your eyes and sketches!

  5. Elizabeth--I'm so impressed! Keep us posted as your group evolves. Wonderful documentation of the first day.

  6. I'm in Memphis and I want to participate.

  7. congrats Elizabeth, great to hear your mobilizing Memphis sketchers!

  8. I'm starting a group here in Edmonton inspired by you all.

  9. Doug! Our next group sketch is Saturday, October 2, 11am at the Metal Museum - it will be during Repair Days so there will be PLENTY to be sketched! Please join us!

    Thanks to everybody for your support and encouragement! Hope to have a blog soon - will keep you posted.