Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perspective principles for sketchers

This just in! We just got an outline of some of the points professor Ching will go over during his drawing sessions at the Symposium. You may have guessed that perspective would be a hot topic. Here they are in case you'd want to do some homework before arriving to Portland:

Perspective Principles for Sketchers
• Drawing as a language: drawing systems
• Principles of linear perspective for sketchers: why not use SketchUp?
• Know where you are: the importance of the horizon line
• Vanishing points and lines: objective and perceptual reality
• Composition: object or space?
• Editing: deciding what not to draw is as important as what to include


  1. I hope you will consider making the sessions available online afterwards for those of us that just can't make it to Portland this summer.

  2. I need this - hope to register for it at symposium?